2. Apps


This area will focus on information for specific G Suite (Google Apps) "apps".  Information will include 
    • Setup/Configuration
    • Accessing the app
    • Effective use (How to get the most out of the app)
Quick How-to and Tips/Tricks are found under our "Training" section.  Many of these link to good, free websites that will contain an ever-increasing amount of other material (and videos).  Check it out.

Overview (video)


Everything G Suite

Visit Google's "G Suite Learning Center", the gateway to "everything G Suite".  This is Google's official starting point if you want to learn how to use the different apps.

What parts of G Suite (Google Apps) is the organization supporting?

Google Apps "apps" currently supported by the SIL Google Admin and Global Help Desk teams are:

How do I learn about new G Suite features?

Periodically visit the Google Apps Update blog.  Use the link to the right to subscribe to emails that will describe what has changed, along with links with additional information.

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