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Where do I find Google's own information about Google Drive?

Details are on the Google Apps Learning Center here.

How much space do I have on my Google Drive?

Compared to Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive, your Google Drive limit is much larger... 30G.

What is Team Drive?

Team Drive is a new feature of Google Drive (March 2017) that overcomes two problems users often run into when using Google Drive collaboration in the traditional way:
  • When people who have shared Google Drive content leave the organization, their files disappear unless they or the SIL Google Admin team have transferred ownership of that content to someone else
  • When people move content to other folders or even delete content (move files to the trash, those files are rearranged for everyone.
Team Drive provides a place to put files owned by the team (not the individual), so that when a person leaves, any files they've placed on a Team Drive remain.  It also allows the Team Drive administrators to control who may move or delete files, so files remain in expected locations.

You will see an area labeled Team Drives in your Google Drive (online only).  You can create more than one Team Drive.
Comments and Best practices:
  • Use Team Drives to share material intended for public view with others.  Keep personal files and folders that others shouldn't see in My Drive.
  • For improved collaboration, create a Team Drive for each project and assign the highest access level to all team members.
  • For users who need to move large amounts of their content from their My Drive to Team Drives, contact SIL Google Admin for help.
  • Members of a Team Drive have access to everything in that Team Drive.  Access to subfolders cannot be restricted.
  • You can only move files to a Team Drive that you own.  You must ask the owner of files they own to move them to the Team Drive (if they are a member of that Team Drive).
  • Individual files within a Team Drive can be shared directly with non-Team Drive members.  When this happens, the file will appear in their "Shared with me".  They will not be able to choose "Add to My Drive" or add that file to another Team Drive.
Interestingly, there is no mention about a quota for a Team Drive and Google Support (as of March 2017) is saying there is also no impact on an individual user's Google Drive storage quota.
For more information on Team Drives, refer to details on the G Suite Learning Center.

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