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Windows Live Mail Setup

NoteBecause very few email clients are considered secure enough by Google, you will probably need to enable "Access for less secure apps" option or Windows Live Mail will be unable to connect to your Google Apps account.  For more information, click here.

Special Note!!

Microsoft discontinued support for Windows Live Mail (WLM) in June 2016 and removed the ability to download and install the latest version of WLM from microsoft.com.  Per SIL GTIS' software support policy, Windows Live Mail then moved from a "support" status to a "help" (aka "best effort") status for both the GTIS Global Help Desk and Email Admin teams.

On the other hand, WLM has been a very stable email client and SIL Google Admin and the Global Help Desk believe they can provide great technical help for current users of this email client.  Anyone using WLM may continue to use it. Users who have not previously been using WLM will not be offered this option.  Instead, these users must select an email client from the list of supported clients.


  • To add an account: Open Windows Live Mail click the tiny down arrow in the upper Left of the Live Mail window > Options > @Email accounts > add > Email Account > Next  
  • Using the information contained here, complete the information on the 
    • General tab
      • Name as you want it displayed in someone else's Inbox
      • Full email address
      • Ensure the "Include this account when receiving mail or synchronizing" is checked
    • Servers tab
      • Complete this tab according to the setting reflected on our IMAP/POP3 Settings page.
      • Ensure that "My server requires authentication" is checked
      • Click "Settings" and ensure that the "Use same settings" option is checked.  Any other choice, even if it seems logical and equivalent will NOT work.
    • Advanced tab
      • Complete this tab according to the setting reflected on our IMAP/POP3 Settings page.
      • With Google and POP3 connections, the "Delivery" settings do NOT work.
      • Set Server Timeouts to at least 3 minutes, higher for very slow internet connections
With Google Mail, the client option for POP3 to Leave a copy on server" does not work so you have to use "recent mode". IMAP is preferred and recommended over POP3 in almost all cases situations.