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How can I find answers to Google Apps questions?

  1. Google it!  Many answers to your specific questions are easily found through an Internet search
  2. This page may answer your question.  Alternatively, use "Search this site" (top right corner)
  3. Search our "Google Apps Learning Center" Google Group for your answer or submit it for others to reply to
  4. If you still don't find your answer, submit your question to the Global Help Desk via the HelpDesk system, by email or by phone (704-843-6620 or 800-215-7813)
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How do I view Wiki calendars from my Google Calendar?

It works for personal calendars, but not currently for team calendars. See Subscribing to Team Calendars from Google Calendar.

This can also be viewed in TeamHelp FAQ #203: Viewing Wiki calendars from Google Calendar.

How do I view a Google Apps calendar on a Wiki page?

To embed a Google calendar in a Wiki page, insert the iframe macro. Get the Calendar address from the Settings page for your Google calendar. Choose the HTML calendar address; copy and paste it into the URL field of the iframe macro on the Wiki.

To subscribe to a Google calendar from a Wiki team calendar, see Subscribing to Google Calendars From Confluence

This can also be viewed in TeamHelp FAQ #204: Embedding Google calendars on Wiki pages

Can I access my Google Mail and Calendar offline?

Yes. See this support page for Mail using the Google Chrome browser. See this support page for Calendar using the Google Chrome browser. NOTE: When in offline mode, the calendar is read-only, unlike Google Mail Offline which allows a user to reply, create, and delete messages offline.