Welcome to the SIL G Suite Resource Center 

Formerly known as the SIL Google Apps Resource Center

(On September 30, 2016, Google renamed "Google Apps for Work" as "G Suite".  Over time we will be replacing every mention of "Google Apps" on this site with "G Suite".)

This site hosts ...
  • an introduction to G Suite for new users
  • insight to the management of G Suite within SIL specifically and the Wycliffe family of organizations in general
  • introductory information when getting started
  • links to quick tutorials and "tips and tricks" on different parts of G Suite
  • information on how to get additional support

How can we improve this site?

We would love your feedback.  Please use our survey form.

We've gone Google! (1:32)

We welcome comments and suggestions on what additional information we might provide to help you use your G Suite account better.  Send your comments by email or use our feedback form.

Thank you.

The SIL Google Admin Team

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