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Requesting Help

Many of our organizations/entities have identified local technical staff that have been trained in the use the our Google Apps Mail Admin tool.  These local members will provide efficient and effective support of most of your needs.  If your organization has technical staff, ask if there is a "local" mail administrator.  If not...

There are several additional ways to request help:
  • TeamHelp - Requires login using your Insite credentials.  You can create a ticket which will be routed to the appropriate technician.
  • Email or call (+1 704-843-6620) the Global Help Desk (Waxhaw, NC (USA), GMT-5)
  • Email the appropriate Google Admin team (primarily for account creation/changes).  See the next section for contact details.
There are three global email teams cooperatively managing our member's Google Apps accounts.
  • Wycliffe USA - an Orlando, FL (USA) based team, available at google_admin@wycliffe.org
  • SIL - a GTIS team based in Waxhaw, NC (USA), available at google_admin@sil.org
  • Global Alliance - a small team based at several international locations, with support available at google_admin@wycliffe.net
Each team has agreed to perform many of the same maintenance functions for any account though there are some tasks that you may require that will be directed to the specific team for your organization (Wycliffe, SIL, Global Alliance).  If in doubt, feel free to contact the SIL Google Admin team who will connect you to the right support person.