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Six Little Known Calendar Features That Will Make You More Productive

Using these 6 tips, you can utilize the full feature set that Google Calendar has to offer. Making a separate calendar for a conference room or embedding a video call in an event invite can drastically increase efficiency and clarity in your life and schedule.

Manage your To-Do tasks with Reminders in Google Calendar

You probably use Google Calendar to keep track of your meetings and appointments, but what about your smaller to-do tasks? Using the handy Reminders feature in Calendar, you can keep track of those too, enabling you to manage your day with one single tool.  Read how.

View your Google Calendar from within Gmail

Obviously you can open up your Google Calendar in another tab and check what events are on the horizon before responding to an email, but there is an easy way to find this information right in Gmail.  This is done using the Google Calendar Gadget.  Watch how to enable and use this feature.