h. Hangouts

How to make a phone call from Gmail using Google Hangouts

Make free calls to any phone in the US and Canada directly from Gmail using Google Hangouts.  You do not have to be in these countries so Google Hangouts can let many of you call from overseas without any cost.  We do recommend you use a headset to improve the quality of the call but you can use the device's built-in speakers and microphone in a pinch.

Watch this short video to see how.

Search through all your Google Hangout Chats

It's easy to find an old email using the Gmail search bar but what do you do if you need to find something that was in an old Hangout chat?  Google actually adds a label to every Hangout chat so they can be found in one location.  You can see label "Chats" in the left panel of your Gmail account.  Clicking on it then lets you browse through the chats one at a time.
This label not only makes them easy to browse through, it also makes it so you can conduct a search from the Gmail search bar that will only pull up results from within Hangout Chats.  To search all your past Hangouts for a specific term, just enter the following into the Gmail search bar:  label:chats <your search term here>